Trip back to Holland with pneumathorax patient

Today me and the tall man leave the noisy hospital in Athens with a smile
Total hours on sea
15 hours...if something happens on the ship
we will be within 8 hours at the nearest harbour.

If not I will do the operation.
In Bologna we will meet Luke . Luke is a guy that worked a lot at Atlantisbooks inGreece (I think he lived there for two years) and is one of the founders of Kilometre Zero in Paris.
I really do not know what they want to hide on this toilet
The secret floor has been taped of
You can´t see the button...
So you can not get there...

In China many buildings do not have a 4
th floor
since the letter 4 in pronunciation
sounds the same as the word ´death´

Based on an internal review of records,
Dilip Rangnekar of
Otis Elevators estimates that
85% of the buildings with elevators
did not have a floor named the 13
th floor!

In this Greek hospital I am not sure which number they try to hide.

Leonardo da Vinci´s helicopter prototype
An "aerial screw helicopter" designed in 1480
Only use for vertical flights
Can anyone tell me from which odd tree this came?
A pimped up van Gispen desk
Very delicate I say
Never sit outside on the
deck when you don´t know where the wind comes from!

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